Various HVAC Services In Bristol CT Performed By A Professional

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Air Conditioning Repair Service

Homeowners who have a heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, more commonly known as HVAC, can contact a professional HVAC Services Bristol CT area technician for any issues involving their system. The information below describes in detail the various services that are often performed by a qualified technician.

HVAC System Installation

After purchasing a new HVAC system, an experienced technician must be called to install the unit. Installation can be as simple as hooking up the unit and then testing it to make sure that it’s working properly. In other instances, such as for new home installation, the technician may need to first install the duct system in the home. During the installation, the technician will connect the condensate drain, refrigerant lines and supply tubing before wiring the unit in with the electrical system.

HVAC Repairs

If repairs are needed for a HVAC system, homeowners can contact an experienced HVAC Services Bristol CT area technician to troubleshoot and fix any problems. Certified technicians can repair various issues including fan motor breakdown, refrigerant leaks, circuit board malfunction, drain line blockage and compressor failure. Making minor repairs as soon as possible can prevent damage to major components of the unit. Experienced technicians have the knowledge to perform repairs on various makes and models of HVAC systems.

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance on any type of heating and air conditioning system is very important. Periodical maintenance keeps the unit running efficiently, prevents expensive repairs and extends the working life of the unit. Typical maintenance steps performed by a professional HVAC services in Bristol CT area technician include lubricating the unit, ensuring the connections are tight and inspecting the wiring system. A technician cleans off any dust or dirt that’s collected inside the unit and examines the drain and the lines that go to the drain to ensure there aren’t any obstructions that would prevent proper water flow.

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