Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit in St. Augustine, FL

When it’s blazing hot, or the humidity is high, most homeowners rely on an air conditioning system to keep their spaces cool and pleasant. How you choose the air conditioning unit for your home can directly affect your energy efficiency, comfort, and budget. Use these tips to make an informed choice when seeking effective air conditioning in St. Augustine, FL.

Assess Your Home’s Layout and Size

Each home has unique cooling requirements, so you should assess the layout and square footage of your space. Oversized units can cause uneven cooling, while undersized ones struggle to cool the home. Ask an HVAC expert for load calculation to establish your AC system’s optimal size.

Consider the Type of Air Conditioner

Here are various AC system types to explore:

  • Central air conditioning: These units use ductwork to distribute cool air across the house. It’s ideal for bigger homes.
  • Ductless systems – Ductless units are suitable for homes without ductwork, letting you regulate the temperature in each room independently.
  • Portable air conditioner – Portable units are easily installed and moved to other areas as needed.

Budget and Installation Fees

Air conditioning in St. Augustine, FL, requires varying budgets, with a central system being more costly because of the necessary ductwork. Portable and window units are typically pocket-friendly but not ideal for larger spaces.

Remember to balance the unit’s initial cost with the long-term maintenance costs and energy savings.

Not sure which AC unit your home requires? Contact Duck Rooter Plumbing, Septic & Air Conditioning today to find the perfect air conditioning in St. Augustine, FL.

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