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Calling a Plumbing Service in San Diego Because Somebody Flushed Something Not Truly Flushable

It’s happened again. The sewer backed up and there’s water from the washing machine all over the floor. Who’s responsible this time? No matter how often you tell everyone to stop flushing tampons, paper towels and hair

Recognize When It’s Time to Update Your Bathroom Plumbing

While you’d probably rather not deal with the expense involved with updating bathroom plumbing in Marietta, Georgia, knowing when it’s time to do so can save you money and a great deal of grievances in the future.

What the Homeowner Can Expect After a Toilet Repair

For something that is used so often, homeowners tend to neglect the toilets in their homes. Other than cleaning them, they do not get much attention. The only time they really take on any significance is when