What Happens During Water Heaters Repairs in Falls Church, VA?

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Plumber

In Virginia, homeowners manage their plumbing needs more effectively through inspections and immediate repairs. Local plumbing professionals provide them with repairs and replacements as needed. These services are available when the homeowner experiences issues with their water heater as well. Local service providers offer water heaters repairs in Falls Church, VA for these homeowners.

Checking for Water Leaks

The most obvious sign of an issue with a hot water heater is a water leak. These conditions cause widespread property damage and additional health hazards. When the leak is discovered by the homeowner, this damage is often present already. This requires additional measures to mitigate risks before the hot water heater is repaired or replaced. Fortunately, these conditions are covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Changes in Water Pressure

A sudden change in water pressure and temperature indicate an issue with the water heater and, possibly, the plumbing. These conditions require an immediate assessment to determine the nature of the issue. These signs could indicate the water heater isn’t producing the right volume of hot water. It also indicates a potential clog or leak in the plumbing lines.

Determining if the Heating Element Needs Replacing

The heating element is a vital component for the water heater. It must heat the water to the temperature indicated by the thermostat. If it fails to operate, the water heater won’t produce hot water at the designated temperature or volume. Inadequate hot water volumes suggest an issue with a component and require the homeowner to acquire immediate repairs.

Replacing the Entire Hot Water Heater

The repair service inspects the water heater and determines if the issues are repairable. If they aren’t, the homeowner may need a full replacement of the water heater. The plumbing expert will present factors about the replacement that indicate if it is feasible to perform the repairs or if replacement is the only option.

In Virginia, homeowners manage their plumbing needs by scheduling inspections. These inspections determine what components aren’t functioning correctly and what repairs are needed. Homeowners who need water heaters repairs in Falls Church, VA should contact their preferred service provider.

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