Examples of Repairs and New Installations That Can Be Performed by Plumbing Services in Manchester NH

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Plumbing

Workers with Plumbing Services in Manchester NH complete a broad range of projects for their customers. Just a few examples include repairing and replacing leaking pipes, water heaters and faucets. They clear out blocked sewers, toilets and drains, responding quickly when households need emergency assistance. They also install fixtures when customers want an update, such as an additional outdoor spigot that would make gardening more convenient.

Ongoing Toilet Problems

Plumbing Services in Manchester NH also can help customers with any ongoing problem they have with a toilet. This may be an annoying incident that keeps happening but is not an emergency, the way a backed-up toilet would be. For example, the tank may slowly leak an inch of water into the bowl, after which the tank refills with an obvious noise. This may go on once or twice a day, or much more often.

Hard Water Issues

Leaky pipes and other leaking plumbing features usually are signs of normal wear and tear over time. Often, hard tap water is an aggravating factor. Mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium in water build up inside faucets, shortening their lifespan. Many households don’t have a water softener that would prevent this. Plumbers can install one of those appliances if excessively hard water is a problem.

Faucet Leaks and Handle Problems

Sometimes a handle comes loose and must be replaced. The faucet handle might spin instead of working the way it should, even though it’s technically still functional. Faucets might drip directly into the sink when the water is not turned on. Another problem is leaks around the sides of the hardware that only occur when the water is turned on.

Homeowners may decide they want an entirely different faucet system installed when the old one wears out. With the help of a plumbing company like Harry W. Wells & Son Inc., they can make a major change to this part of the sink. Wall-mounted faucets are available, as are single-handle and widespread faucets. Some men and women are excited about the possibility of having a motion controlled device installed, just as they have seen in commercial buildings.

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