Understanding Some of the Common Risks Faced by Your Home’s Plumbing

Given its hidden nature, it’s easy to forget about the various plumbing lines that run throughout your home. This can lead to carelessness, assuming that your home’s plumbing can stand up to just about anything. However, many problems can occur if you don’t take care of the plumbing in your home, resulting in the need for a plumbing company in Cobb County, GA. To help avoid major issues, here are a few of the common risks faced by your home’s plumbing.

Tree Roots

Once set on a path, tree roots tend to grow in the same direction, no matter what type of barriers stand in their way. If a tree root meets a pipe, then that tree root will often break through the pipe, resulting in major damage that must be fixed by a plumbing company in Cobb County, GA. Since tree roots are located outside your home, the pipes they breakthrough will often be main supply and drain lines, meaning that your entire home’s plumbing will be affected.

Personal Care Products

Though many of the items you use to take care of yourself are perfectly safe for external use, they may cause issues with your home’s plumbing over time. Many of these products contain small amounts of substances that can slowly corrode pipes, leading to potential blockages or leaks. If possible, try to dispose of these products in the trash can instead of washing them down the drain. If they must go down the drain, be sure to dilute the products with water to help reduce their negative effects.

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