Three Reasons Why You May Need Emergency Residential Sewer Repair

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Plumbing Services

Your sewer pipes are an integral part of your septic system, necessary for the proper operation of your drains. Sewer pipes usually last for 50 years or longer. However, large trees, hard water, or a high water table could impact the longevity of the sewer pipe. Consider these three reasons why you may need an emergency sewer repair in Loudoun County.

Tree Root Invasion

Trees provide shade. They also add aesthetic appeal to a property. However, some trees have root systems that tend to invade structures such as sewer lines. One example is the sugar maple tree. These trees have roots that are strong, tough, and moisture-seeking. They can lift sidewalks and push through a sewer pipe. They can also push hard enough on the inside of the pipe to crack it.

Rust and Corrosion

Another reason why you might need an emergency sewer repair in Loudoun County is when rust or corrosion causes a breakdown of the pipe itself. Rust and corrosion is often a result of hard water. If there are a lot of minerals in your water, those minerals could wear away the structure of the sewer pipe. You might start to notice a soggy area in your yard. This is from water slowly leaking out of damaged sections of the pipe. You might also notice a sewage smell.


It is possible to get an obstruction in the sewer. An obstruction causes water to build up behind it. The buildup creates high pressure. At some point, the sewer pipe cannot handle the pressure, and it may burst. A burst sewer pipe requires an immediate repair. Obstructions could be caused by grease, hair, or an animal. It is also possible for a sewer pipe to get obstructed with items that should not be flushed down the toilet. These things include diapers, wipes, plastics, and feminine hygiene products.

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