Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia for Continuously Running Equipment

Many homes have a sump pump system in the basement to prevent rainwater and melting snow from flooding the area. Water is directed to a well where the pump is placed, and when the water level becomes high enough, the pump pushes it out into the yard. A new sump pump to replace one in an existing system is not terribly expensive, but Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia is likely to be cheaper if the equipment can be fixed.

In some instances, the pump does not shut off after moving the water out of the well. This may happen if the pump has become unevenly situated. The problem is uncommon but might occur if anyone tugs on the drainage hose outside of the house. A sump pump that has been set too low in the well can run too often if the water table is high enough. A technician from a company such as City Plumbing evaluates the situation and moves the pump higher if necessary. Click here for information on this particular plumbing service.

Another scenario involves the float switch repeatedly becoming stuck in the “on” position after the water level signals the need for pumping. Someone can manually turn the switch off, but the pump would need to be kept unplugged to prevent the equipment from running continuously. A technician who does Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia can free up the switch or replace it.

Sump pumps can start running continuously in the winter if the exterior drain hose has frozen and become clogged with ice. This happens if the water doesn’t fully drain from the last pumping and freezes. A property owner can unplug the pump to stop it from running and thaw the hose with a bucket of warm water. This, of course, is a hassle and is not an instantaneous fix even for the immediate problem. If the snow outside is melting rapidly or rain is falling on the frozen ground, all the water pouring into the sump pump well can lead to basement flooding. A technician can redesign the system so that water no longer freezes in the drain hose.

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