Considerations involving septic tank rebuilding in Old Bridge NJ

When a septic tank has been in place for a long time, it may eventually need repairs or even replacement. Another possibility is Septic Tank Rebuilding in Old Bridge NJ. Septic problems can sometimes be resolved just by the home’s residents modifying their behavior to a certain extent but, if that doesn’t work, professional technicians will evaluate the system and make recommendations.

The first course of action is to stop flushing anything down the toilet except human waste and a reasonable amount of toilet paper. Thick, multi-layered sheets of toilet paper should be avoided. Second, excess water could be diverted outside as long as zoning codes allow this. For instance, laundry water might be diverted to the sump well instead of to the septic tank. If this is not allowed, the week’s wash could be divided up, so a load is run every day instead of numerous loads on Saturday.

If septic problems still occur after these measures are taken, repairs or septic tank rebuilding in Old Bridge NJ may be necessary. Technically, contractors don’t actually rebuild the septic tank itself, although they can repair and replace components such as the inlet and outlet pipes. They often can rebuild the drain field if that’s where the problem lies. In some cases, they may be able to do patch and repair work to a concrete tank, but there are issues involving keeping the system up to state codes. Those codes have become more stringent over the years, and the state encourages inspectors to replace old systems. Of course, this is an expensive project, so property owners would just as soon delay the work as long as possible.

A property owner who is experiencing problems with the septic system can get more information from a contractor such as Apollo Sewer And Plumbing. Technicians know what tends to cause different types of problems and can provide recommendations. They may eventually need to dig up the yard, pump the tank, and inspect all the components to determine whether parts can be replaced. Property owners should already be having the tank pumped as often as recommended to keep everything in good working order.

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