Signs it’s Time for Freon Leak Repair in Riverside, CA

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Plumbing

Modern air conditioning systems have really revolutionized the way that consumers think about indoor climate control. These complex systems are designed to be as efficient and as durable as possible but sometimes there’s no avoiding the occasional AC problem. That’s why it’s important to schedule routine maintenance visits at least once a year and to keep an eye out for the following signs that an AC unit needs Freon Leak Repair in Riverside CA.

Loss of Cooling Power

Freon is a refrigerant, meaning that it is what allows air conditioners to provide cool air. It works by absorbing the heat from inside of consumers’ homes and moving it outside to be released. Even a small Freon leak can wind up causing AC units to function much less efficiently so homeowners who have noticed that they’re constantly having to turn the thermostat down to achieve the same results should call a repair technician immediately.

Frozen Coils

The AC unit’s evaporator coils have refrigerant circulating through them but when the Freon levels dip too low, they stop being able to absorb heat. When this happens, the condensation that forms naturally on the outside of the coils can freeze. Homeowners who notice frozen coils definitely shouldn’t put off Freon Leak Repair in Riverside CA.

Inexplicable Rise in Utility Bills

As homeowners turn down the thermostat to try to eek the last bit of cool air out of their leaking air conditioners, they tend to see a corresponding rise in their utility bills. The connection here is obvious. The less refrigerant is in the system the harder it has to work to produce cool air and the more money homeowners must spend maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners whose units are experiencing significant Freon losses have a few options. They can have each individual hole repaired, they can have their refrigerant coils replaced, or they can simply purchase entirely new AC units. The best thing to do is always to schedule an appointment with a reputable specialist from First Choice Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning who can offer insight into the extent of the problem and help homeowners make the right decision.

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