Safely Remove Clogs with Plumbers in Portland OR

A clogged sink can often bring the daily functions of a household to a stop. A serious clog that keeps the sink from draining can make it difficult to use that sink. If it is a kitchen sink, it can make it difficult to clean dishes or prepare meals. Even slow-moving drains can be a big problem in a house. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for removing these clogs. However, Plumbers in Portland OR are experienced and skilled in removing any type of clog safely and efficiently.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

For many household clogs, homeowners reach for the chemical products to remove these clogs. They are designed to breakdown the materials that are clogging the drain. However, these drain cleaners are corrosive chemicals and should be handled with care and only used as directed. Improper usage can be dangerous. In addition, these chemicals can be dangerous for the pipes and seals in the drains. They can cause damage or even eat through the seals and create further problems for the home.


Another common tool for removing drain clogs is the plunger. A plunger uses pressure to push the clog further down the drain. This is used on the premise that the clog will be pushed out of the smaller pipe and flow freely out larger pipes. However, this pressure can pose risks to the pipes and may even just push the clog further into the main sewer line. This could potentially clog all of the drains in the home. Calling the Plumbers in Portland OR may be a better option for dealing with these issues.


A plumber has experience in removing clogs from the drains in a home. They can identify the location of the clog and use the safest tools to free the materials causing the problems. A plumber can also provide a thorough cleaning for all the sewer pipes in the home. Over time, debris and sludge can collect in these pipes and eventually cause them to become clogged. A plumber can utilize special tools to examine these pipes and provide professional cleaning to keep the waste-water moving out of the home.

In addition to providing professional drain services, companies, such as Clog Busters LLC, can provide many other services to keep a home running properly.

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