HVAC Services in Lincoln, NE: Improving More than Indoor Temperatures

Air conditioning can be a lifesaver during those sweltering summer months. Without it, inside temperatures might be as miserable and stifling as those outdoors if not more so. While many people fail to look outside the comfort box, air conditioners also serve another vital purpose. With skilled and dependable HVAC Services in Lincoln NE, a home’s air conditioning system will also go a long way toward improving indoor air quality. In turn, it’ll help promote better health and even higher levels of comfort.


All air conditioning systems use some type of filter. These come in numerous shapes, sizes and styles, but they’re always part of the system in one way or another. These filters help remove dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair, dander and other pollutants from the air so they don’t have a chance to cause adverse effects. This is one of the reasons changing filters often is crucial to at-home maintenance. Doing so also improves the efficiency of the system and can make it last longer.

Air Handler and Evaporator Coil

Though solid particles, like dust and pet dander, can exacerbate allergies and breathing problems, other pollutants are also present in the air inside a home. Air freshening sprays and cleaning solutions are among the most common. They’re a bit more difficult to filter out of the air, but a system’s air handler helps remove them. From there, the evaporator coil draws out excess moisture before air is recirculated throughout the home.


Ductwork distributes cool, clean air after the air conditioning system has worked its magic. In the process, it picks up a number of particles left behind by the filter and air handler. When the system isn’t in use, dust, dirt and other debris can also collect in the ductwork. If it’s not cleaned regularly, it’ll blow out as many pollutants as the air conditioner removes. By having HVAC Services in Lincoln NE clean out the ductwork on a regular basis, it’s possible to further optimize air quality.

Air conditioning systems certainly help make indoor temperatures a great deal more tolerable when heat is wreaking havoc, but that’s not their only function. They also help ward off allergies and other conditions by cleaning the air. Visit us to learn more or ask about air conditioner maintenance or duct cleaning to help ensure your system is able to do its job as effectively as possible.

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