Professional Service for Plumbing in Cincinnati OH Resolves Blocked Drain and Sewer Pipes

The plumbing pipes in a home might be thought of as arteries, somewhat similar to those in the human body. Pipes that bring water to faucets and appliances are generally not known for clogging up, but drain pipes and the sewer pipe are vulnerable. With human arteries, waxy cholesterol can build up along the inside and harden there, restricting blood flow. A similar process can happen with drain pipes when people dump cooking oil down the kitchen sink drain. Professional service for Plumbing in Cincinnati OH may become necessary if the drain becomes sluggish and no do-it-yourself techniques work to resolve the problem.

Fortunately, human arteries don’t have to deal with invasive structures entering from the outside. That’s what happens to underground sewer pipes when tree roots invade the areas where separate pipes are joined and where tiny cracks have developed in the concrete or clay material. Those roots grow toward the fertilizer and water they can sense in these places, and eventually they can accumulate into an impressive blockage inside the pipe. A sewer backup typically occurs when people flush items that get tangled up in those roots. Toilet paper and human waste material are likely to flow through, even if it must dissolve in the water to a certain extent first. On the other hand, non-biodegradable items like feminine hygiene products and sanitary wipes get stuck.

A company that provides service for Plumbing in Cincinnati OH can attack those roots with a mechanical cutting device that is sent down the main sewer drain. The plumber also can flush a chemical product that kills the ends of roots that remain. Homeowners may want to do this on their own once a year in the future. This doesn’t harm the tree and is effective for stopping sewer pipe clogs due to roots. Another solution is scheduling annual root-cutting service with a company such as AA Plumbing. Having trees cut down is a drastic measure that doesn’t work to end root problems. The roots keep growing for years. Click Here to learn more about a plumbing contractor that can help with blocked drain and sewer pipes.

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