How to Know when to Replace Your Water Heater

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Plumbing

One of the most important home appliances that you have in your house is the water heater. You want to make sure you have routine maintenance performed on the device to help prevent it from breaking down at an inconvenient time. A water heater supplies hot water to various appliances and areas of your home. The unit is used to heat up water to take a shower in, wash dishes, or clean clothes with. It can be very frustrating to discover your unit is not operating properly. The heater can last for eight to twelve years, depending on how well you take care of the device. A plumbing company that offers water heater service in Los Angeles area can help you determine if your unit needs to be replaced or simply repaired.

Five Signs It is Time to Replace Your Tank

1. The water around the heater is discolored could be an indication that your tank is rusting on the inside. Eventually, this will then turn into a leak that can be hard to repair.
2. You notice that water is starting to pool around the tank from leaks or cracks in the system.
3. Your water is no longer hot instead, it is lukewarm or cold when you turn a faucet on.
4. You notice that the tank has corrosion or rust building up inside of the device.
5. The heater is making noises that you have never heard before.

Stay Safe by Hiring a Skilled Plumber to Install Your New Tank

It is important to have a professional install or repair your water heater to prevent an injury from occurring. If the tank is not properly connected, you could be taking a risk of an explosion occurring especially if gas is used to heat the water. Your Plumbing Solution can provide you with the expertise that you require when repairing or installing a new system. They will take the time required to provide you with the information that you need to help make a sound decision on whether or not to purchase a new tank.

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