Noticing the Signs in Your Home of a Clog in Your Drains

When you’re in your home, you might hear a gurgling sound coming from your sinks. Your toilet might not flush properly. These are only some of the signs associated with clogged drains. After trying various methods and treatments, a company that can work on a clogged drain in Seattle, WA, might be the best option.

Toilet Sounds

One of the common signs that you’ll usually notice if your drains are clogged is a toilet that gurgles or that overflows when it’s flushed. The pipes that lead from the toilet to the septic tank are often the largest leading from your home. Once they become clogged, it’s usually because there’s simply no more room for water and waste to travel. You might notice that your toilet gurgles after you’ve used sinks in your home or while you’re using the shower as well.

Shower Drains

Pay attention to the drain in your tub. If there’s a clogged line, then water will usually back up into the shower or tub because there’s nowhere for it to go, especially if you’re running water in another room of your home. If you notice any kind of odor from the water, then it could be a sign that the septic tank is completely full and the waste from the tank is backing up into your home.

One Line at a Time

If the water in your kitchen and bathroom sinks doesn’t go down in a short time after removing the drain, then these lines could be clogged. You might notice food particles coming up through the drains in your kitchen if one side is blocked or if the lines from your dishwasher are blocked. Sometimes, there could only be one drain that’s clogged. If so, then a company that can treat a clogged drain in Seattle, WA, can work to correct the issue before the other lines and drains are affected.

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