Understanding the Basics of Pipe Leak Repair in Richmond, Virginia

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Premier Plumbing Ideas

For the most part, pipes perform their jobs flawlessly, lying beneath the ground and supplying water to or draining water from your property. In some cases, however, these pipes begin to leak, resulting in issues both above and below the ground.

There are a few reasons why your pipes may begin to leak, including:

Roots: One of the most common causes of cracks that result in leaks are plant roots, especially tree roots. Roots grow wherever they please, and if there’s a pipe in the way, the root will puncture the pipe.

Age: Like most things that are exposed to the elements for a long period, pipes can eventually crack simply due to age. Changing temperatures, constant exposure to moisture, and the composition of the soil can break down the materials in the pipe, leading to cracks.

Clogs: If a severe clog occurs in a pipe that’s already weakened, cracks may occur. Especially if the clog is removed using the wrong method, you may begin to experience leaks.

Time is of the Essence

Whether your leak is due to natural or manmade causes, the most important thing is to procure pipe leak repair in Richmond, VA, as soon as possible. If the pipe that’s leaking is a supply pipe, you could wind up with a sky-high water bill as the water seeps into the ground instead of going into your home as it should. If it’s a drain pipe, you could wind up with sewage in your yard, which is an unpleasant and potentially dangerous occurrence.

A fix below the ground is ideal since it avoids the removal of any sod or other landscape features, which preserves the beauty of your property.

However you obtain your pipe leak repair in Richmond, VA, it’s essential that the company that completes the repairs inspects everything before leaving the site. That way you can be sure that your pipes are in good working order once again.

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