Keep That Sewer Running Freely With Reliable Drain Cleaning Services

Slow-flowing sewer pipes can really pose a problem, especially when someone flushes a toilet that has excess paper or other waste in the bowl. This is the point where toilets tend to overflow and flood the bathroom floor. The solution to this type of problem is reliable Drain Cleaning Services. Cleaning the drains can involve several steps, and it often depends on the actual problem. For instance, when the pipes are still draining, but doing so very slowly, the problem is often a clog in the main sewer lines. A plumber can determine if this is the case using a tool known as a video snake. The video snake is a long flexible cable that has a camera attached to the end. It allows the plumber to look deep inside the sewer lines for clogs or damaged pipes.

If a clog is found, the next step is breaking it up. This task involves a pipe snake or rooter tool. Like the video snake, the pipe snake is a long, flexible cable, but it has an auger on the end. Some versions twist the end of the cable so it works like an auger while others use cutting attachments. A good auger is necessary to break up the clog so the blockage is actually removed instead of simply poking a hole through it. One thing that may also help with really dirty sewer pipes is water-jetting. Water-jetting, or hydro-jetting, is one of the best Drain Cleaning Services available for the prevention of clogs. This service actually washes away the gunk that gets stuck on the pipe walls. Plus, clean pipe walls allow the plumber to see if there are any other problems such as cracks or root growth.

Not all blockages occur in the sewer line itself. Sometimes, they happen directly beneath the drain. Every drainage outlet including the toilet has a trap to prevent the return of sewer gases. In the case of the toilet, it is built in. For sinks, the pipe trap is found inside the cabinet close to the drain. The trap is tne curved piece of pipe with fittings on each end that allow it to be easily removed. Cleaning the trap is a fairly simple task, but some care is required so the threads do not get damaged. Learn more about drain cleaning from the experts at You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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