How Getting a Pipe Repair Protects Your Family’s Health and Safety

A broken sewer or septic pipe is a major problem. You could end up with a sewage flood in your basement or into your plumbing fixture. Your property could also have damage from a broken septic or sewer pipe. Consider these three ways in which a pipe repair in Longmont, CO, keeps your family safer and healthier.

Stop the Backup of Sewage

The last thing that you want in your home is a sewage backup. Raw sewage damages and destroys fabric, upholstery, hardwood, sub-floors, carpeting and more. If the problem was a result of a lack of maintenance, your insurance company would not cover the damage. Fixing a problem with the septic or sewer pipe reduces your risk of a sewer backup and prevents you from having to throw out and replace flooring, furniture, and fabrics.

Keep the Wastewater Moving out of Your Home

When you flush the toilet, run the washing machine or cycle the dishwasher, you expect the dirty water to flow into the drain and away from your home. If the drain or pipe is damaged or clogged, that dirty water gets stuck. The result is a foul odor throughout your home. You might also hear strange bubbling sounds. Water from the washing machine’s drain might overflow the drain, creating a big mess.

Prevent Property Contamination

Another way that a prompt pipe repair in Longmont, CO, enhances your safety is by stopping the flow of raw sewage into your yard. Raw sewage is teeming with bacteria. It may also harbor viruses and parasites. Vermin and insects can smell the raw sewage, and you could soon find yourself with another problem. Repair or replacement of the broken pipe can prevent additional problems related to your wastewater system.

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