Eliminate Clogs and Leaks With Reliable Plumbing in Houston, TX

Faulty plumbing often causes the most expensive damages a property owner can experience. For instance, a clog in the main sewer line can cause the sewage to flow back into the building and destroy floors, cabinets, and even drywall. Clogs are not always as easy to eliminate as people think. Plumbers usually attempt to remove these blockages with a pipe snake, but this tool may simply pierce the clog and leave portions of it attached to the pipe walls. This means the clog will keep accumulating waste particles and become a problem again. Experts with plumbing in Houston TX usually recommend water jetting the pipe interior to remove any solid waste buildup.

Leaks are another serious plumbing problem because the water can quickly damage most construction materials. In some instances, the repair of the walls, trim, flooring, or other damaged materials can cost more than fixing the plumbing. Consider the case of a leak inside a wall. Leaks like these often start out slow and do not get noticed until the damage becomes severe or the water bill goes up. One reason this kind of leak becomes expensive is that drywall rapidly soaks up water, and the moisture causes it to crumble. Leaks can also result in structural damages such as rot in the studs used to frame the building.

One type of leak that can occur with Plumbing in Houston TX is in the main water line that connects the building to the municipal system. Damaged water lines can be difficult to repair because the pipe is buried. Removing the old line will require a lot of digging, and this can get expensive. It may be easier to install a new pipe instead. Sewer lines can also develop leaks. Sometimes, the leak is the result of a fracture in the pipe wall while others may be caused by tree or plant roots. The solutions to these issues will vary. For example, fixing a root problem will require eliminating the roots first and may need the plumber to replace sections of pipe. One issue that results from sewer line repair is damage to the lawn. However, this problem may be avoidable if the damage can be fixed with a sleeve. This plumbing solution is known as a trenchless sewer repair.

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