Avoid Leaks and Clogs Using an Expert Plumber in Freeport

Most people hate dealing with home failures, and a plumbing problem is usually the worst. When a pipe begins to leak, it dumps water all over the place. This is often the only indication that there is a failure. Unfortunately, if the leak has been around for some time, then the water may have done a lot of damage. A leak in a pipe can spray all over the wood of the home and cause it to rot. Rotten wood will eventually fail to support the building and could cause serious structural problems.

Leaking pipes are one of the most common reasons for calling a plumber in Freeport, but others include a clogged drain, installing new fixtures, or handling the work involved when remodeling a home or business. Plumbers enjoy a huge variety of tasks since there are so many aspects of plumbing. A home must first have fresh water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning. Without this, people would be showing up for school or work in dirty clothes or having failed to bathe.

One area where the plumber in Freeport is very useful is a leaking water main or sewer pipe in the yard. These two pipes must connect to the local municipality which means they must run underground until they reach the connection. Like most plumbing problems, these pipes are also the responsibility of the property owner. They can also be two of the most difficult connections to make. Just keep in mind that a single leak could get very expensive if the water utility is metering the flow.

Perhaps the most important job that the plumber can perform is eliminating a clog. Clogs in the sewer line usually occur because the waste doesn’t move fast enough. This allows the solids to collect and eventually, cause a blockage. The plumber can eliminate the issue by using a rooter or pipe snake to pierce the blockage. Piercing like this allows any water to push on the waste and help move it out of the way. If this doesn’t get the water flowing, then the plumber may recommend washing the pipes with a high-pressure washer.

At Pearson Plumbing & Heating, their goal is to help you with just about any kind of problem you may have. In addition to plumbing and pest control services, they’re also heating and cooling experts. So if you need an air conditioner installed or a furnace repaired in Freeport, they are the way to go. They take customer service seriously because they know that your satisfaction is what keeps them in business. For more details, visit their website or contact them today.

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