Avoid Expensive Repairs Using the Best Plumber In Papillion NE

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Plumbing

A leak in the pipes can be a larger problem than the water that gets wasted. For instance, a leak in the pipe that feeds a sink can quickly destroy the cabinet that the basin is mounted in. Water can stain expensive woods. Even worse, many cabinets use engineered wood products that cannot handle moisture very well. The slow drip from a leaking pipe can cause the lumber to separate and may result in rot and mold. The solution to this dilemma is to find the best plumber in Papillion, NE and have them fix the leak.

Of course, not all leaks are easily accessible. In fact, some piping may be located under the concrete foundation. Building contractors try to keep this type of installation as minimal as possible and mostly apply it to cases where the pipe connects to the main lines. Thankfully, an expert plumbing contractor can reach the damaged area by cutting away just enough concrete to access the fault.

Another area where a leak can become an expensive issue is in the main line. A small leak in this pipe could result in a lot of wasted money if the property owner does not realize the problem exists. One possible indication is an unexplained muddy area around the water meter or beside the building. Most main lines are placed close to the surface, and this can make it easier for the best plumber in Papillion, NE to find any leaks.

The other pipe that connects the building to the local municipality is the sewer line. A sewer line can break if a vehicle drives over it or when roots enter through a crack or a damaged fitting. The problem with roots is twofold. First, the roots cause the break in the pipe to expand, which allows more roots to enter the sewer line. Second, the roots block the flow of waste, and this could result in raw sewage flowing back into the building.

An experienced plumber will typically use a video system to inspect the pipes. Once the problem is found, they will use a rooter to get the waste flowing again. However, removing the actual root damages can be tougher. This task may require the contractor to dig up the problem area and replace any damaged piping. Contact the experts at Jeff Mumm Plumbing to learn more.

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