A Few Pointers on How to Avoid Getting a Clogged Drain in Birmingham, AL

Clogged drains are common and can cost hundreds or thousands to service. Fortunately, most clogs are preventable, meaning you can help avoid ever getting one by paying attention to a couple of the points listed below.

Drain Strainer and Screen

Take a peek at your drains. Do all of them have drain strainers and screens? If not, then you should buy some ASAP. With a screen or a strainer in place, you’ll block potentially over 95% of debris and gunk and avoid a clogged drain in Birmingham, AL.

Hot Water in Drain Regularly

Over time, the oil and grease you use in your kitchen can build up in your pipes. At some point, this buildup might result in a complete blockage and cause a backup. You can prevent this type of clogged drain in Birmingham, AL, by simply pouring hot water down your kitchen sink regularly. How often depends on how much you cook, but you should always do it after a greasy meal.

Clean and Maintain Drain Stoppers

Your bathroom drain stoppers catch all manner of debris and material. If it weren’t for them, much of that gunk would make it into your pipes and clog them fast. You can prevent this from occurring by merely making sure your stoppers are intact, flush and clear of the junk they usually collect.

Don’t Flush Everything

Your pipes can’t swallow everything you throw at them. However, it’s common for people to treat their pipes like garbage cans and doing so brings them costly problems. In the kitchen, take care to avoid throwing everything in the garbage disposal, no matter how convenient it may be. In the bathroom, don’t flush anything down the toilet except waste and toilet paper.

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