Water Heater Repair in Weatherford TX Extends the Life of the Appliance

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Water Heating

When a water heater leaks, plumbers may be able to fix it if the leak is from one of the connections or fittings. However, when the tank starts to leak, the heater must be replaced. Using certain strategies can extend the lifespan of a new heater. For instance, after several years, a plumber who provides service for Water heater repair in Weatherford TX can replace a specific part that prevents rust.

Replacing the Anode Rod

It’s the anode rod inside the steel tank that stops rust. Essentially, it attracts the dissolved minerals that cause corrosion, making it particularly important for water supplies with iron content. The rod should usually be replaced after about four years. A plumber who provides service for Water heater repair in Weatherford TX can check the rod after two or three years and evaluate how corroded it has become.

Installing a Water Softener

Having a water softener installed can extend the life of a water heater because it removes dissolved minerals. A plumber from a company such as Ace Repair Plumbing can do this job in addition to repairing and replacing water heaters. Although some people are concerned that salt from the softener would be hard on the heater tank, there actually is such a minimal amount of salt in the tap water that this is not a concern.

Turning the Temperature Down

Simply turning the temperature down can extend the lifespan of the heater. Manufacturers generally have the thermostat set at 140 degrees, but this is unnecessary. If the water is so hot that it cannot be used for bathing without adding cold water, turning the thermostat down makes sense. Just lowering it to 130 degrees will reduce the heater’s workload and also reduce utility bills.

Examples of Repair Tasks

Sometimes problems develop that don’t mean the heater must be replaced but do require repair work. If there’s no hot water coming from the tap, the problem might be a faulty heating element, thermocouple or burner. The thermostat can stop working. If the heater isn’t too old, repairing it makes sense. Browse us for information about one particular plumbing service.

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