Using A Plumber To Help With Clogged Residential Plumbing in West Chester OH

When an incident occurs that leads to the clogging of a sink, calling someone to assist with Residential Plumbing in West Chester, OH is best. There are a few steps a homeowner can conduct on their own in an attempt to dislodge an obstruction first. Here are some actions to try.

Use A Plunger To Move The Obstructed Object

If something is trapped inside of a pipe, using a plunger may help to move it so water can once again flow through the system. Make sure the rubber portion of a plunger is centered over the drain and use a forceful motion to push it downward. Use quick movements up and down with the plunger to move the obstructed item around within the pipes. Carefully unseal the plunger from the drain area and observe whether water drains as needed.

Try To Push The Material Out Of The Way

If a plunger does not work at moving an obstruction from the inside of a pipe, trying to push it from above is another tactic to try. Use a plumber’s snake for this task. Push the end of the wire tool into the drain area and unwind the snake, so the metal pushes its way through the piping system. Water will disappear from the sink if this method works appropriately.

Take Apart Pipes Underneath The Basin

The P-trap portion of a sink often becomes full of solid material if it is accidentally flushed down a drain during sink use. Turn off the water supply to the sink and use tools to remove this bent pipe from the system. After it is removed, check the interior for an obstruction and use a brush or piece of cloth to remove it if needed. Make sure to place a bucket underneath this pipe before it is removed from underneath the sink as water from the basin will flow downward after it is moved out of place.

When there is a need to hire someone to help with a clog, finding a service that deals with ok on a daily basis is smart. Contact AA Plumbing to find out more today.

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