Understanding Sump Pump Service in Carmel, IN

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Plumbing

Wet basements are far too common in the region, and homeowners certainly don’t welcome the prospect of dealing with basement flooding during severe weather. Sump pump service in Carmel IN is routinely needed to prevent flooding. While wet basements are not really useful, dry basements serve as additional living or storage areas. If your home’s basement is wet or an existing sump pump is not keeping the area dry, now is the time to contact local experts for help.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Depending on the type of water problem, there are different ways to address the issue. If leaking is restricted to one spot, the plumbing experts may recommend simply installing a sump pump at that point. However, they’ll also recommend taking other steps to minimize the influx of water, such as rerouting gutters or altering the slope of the ground outside the home to provide better drainage.

If water is leaking from multiple spots, the experts providing sump pump service in Carmel IN may recommend installing a drainage system around the basement’s perimeter to collect water and channel it to a sump pit where the pump will remove it. Since the recommendations will depend on the home’s specific needs, it’s always important to discuss the various options with a drainage expert before deciding on a solution.

Choosing the Best Pump

Sump pumps are available in several sizes and quality levels. As a rule, it’s far better to select a pump that exceeds the capacity that’s normally required. A severe weather event could easily tax a minimally sized pump and lead to a failure or inability to remove the water fast enough to prevent flooding. Plan for the worst-case scenario rather than risk water damage.

Work With Experts

It may be possible to install a sump pump as a DIY project, but most experts don’t recommend doing so. There are too many variables to consider during the installation process, and most areas have strict regulations in place for installing a pump and removing the water. Rather than risking future problems, contact a drainage expert for help. Contact us for more information or to schedule an evaluation of your home’s sump pump needs.

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