Tips for Leaky Faucet Repair in South Hills, PA

Leaky faucets are more than just annoying; they’re also wasteful. Homeowners are often surprised to find that their monthly water bills can be substantially raised by faucets that continuously leak even a little bit of water. Read on to find a few helpful tips for Leaky Faucet Repair in South Hills PA for help addressing this problem.

Faulty Washers

More often than not, faulty washers are behind faucet leaks. These washers can be replaced, but it’s essential to purchase the right size washer in order to actually stop the drip. Some homeowners choose to take preventative action in the form of installing a washerless faucet before leaks even develop.

Examine the Stem

If the washer is not to blame, it may be the stem. Homeowners can examine these stems for signs of damage and corrosion. If the stem is damaged or the threads are badly corroded, the stem will need to be replaced; sometimes, though, these stems are just dirty and need nothing but a thorough cleaning to stop leaky faucets in their tracks.

Damaged Washer Seats

If faucets that use washers require frequent washer replacement, it may be a sign of a damaged washer seat. This can be addressed through either refacing the washer seat using a specialized seat dressing tool or fully replacing it. Most of the time these forms of remediation must be performed by an experienced plumber.

Stem Leaks

If a faucet is leaking around the stem, rather than the spigot, it may be time to install new packing or O-rings. When putting the stem back together, be sure to use either silicon grease or petroleum jelly to provide adequate lubrication.

Know When to Call in a Pro

If all that information sounds like a lot to process or homeowners simply don’t have the tools or knowledge required to perform repairs themselves, there’s no shame in calling in a professional plumber for Leaky Faucet Repair in South Hills PA. Visit to learn more about one company that can help. There’s no sense putting off faucet repairs when it’s possible to simply call a plumber for quick and affordable repairs, so get in touch today to schedule a visit.

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