The Amazing Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Plumbing

You’ve noticed the tell-tale signs that your pipes are in need of repair and you’re ready for trenchless pipe repair in Newnan, Georgia. Perhaps you have friends who’ve had good experiences, and you’re ready to try it yourself. Trenchless pipe repair is a relatively new practice and a popular option for pipe repair for several reasons. Here are four benefits of trenchless pipe repairs.

1. It Takes Less Time

As the name of the procedure suggests, trenchless repairs save time by eliminating digging from the equation. Rather than removing large amounts of soil, repair professionals target problem areas and focus on the root of the issue. This saves time in labor. Whereas other processes can take up to several weeks, trenchless pipe repairs generally last for only a few days.

2. It Is a Quality Solution

Instead of replacing the damaged pipe with material that is comparable to the original piping, trenchless pipe repairs Newnan, Georgia often include cure-in-place pipe liners or seamless polyethylene pipes. Both solutions help prevent future cracks, corrosion, and even root invasion. These materials help ensure that similar problems don’t arise with the new piping in the near future.

3. It Is Less Invasive and Better for the Environment

As mentioned before, eliminating the “digging” aspect of pipe repair saves a lot of hassle. Not only is it quicker, but it also allows professionals a relatively mess-free work environment. Less dirt means that the customer’s landscaping can remain intact and local ecosystems can remain relatively unchanged. For commercial properties and residences that take great pride in their home’s appearance, this is a great perk.

4. It Is Less Expensive

Last, but certainly not least, less labor and less equipment often mean less expenses. Despite using higher quality repair materials, the reduced cost of labor and other related equipment often translates into a lower bottom line.

If you’ve been considering trenchless pipe repair in Newnan, you may be in luck. There are professionals nearby that would be happy to help you take advantage of these great benefits. Visit website to learn more.

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