Signs of Broken Water Mains in Springfield VA

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Plumber

The main water line is the one responsible for bringing clean, fresh water into a home. It is a crucial part of the day to day life. After all, most people can’t imagine what they would do if no water came out when the tap was turned on. If a home was built before 1973, then it likely has galvanized steel pipes, which can last for 40 to 50 years. Iron pipes may last up to a century.

However, just like anything else in a home, the water line isn’t going to last forever. Knowing the signs of broken water mains in Springfield, VA is the best way to prevent a huge and costly issue.

A Soggy Lawn

As things begin to dry out and heat up during the summer months, soggy spots on the lawn may be an indication that the water line is compromised. If there is no rain, then soggy spots on the lawn may indicate that the water line has become cracked and that it is leaking water into the soil. If a person notices random puddles or a lawn that is completely soggy for no obvious reason, then it may be due to a compromised or broken water line.

Reduced Water Pressure

If there is the low water pressure in a home, then this is an indication of serious plumbing problems, from damaged sewer lines to clogged drains. Now it can be added to another list because low water pressure also indicates that the waterline is not in good repair. If a homeowner notices a sudden or a significant drop in the water pressure in their home or on their property, then they should call the professionals to see if there’s an issue with broken water mains in Springfield, VA.

Being informed and knowing when to call for repairs due to a broken water main is the best way to prevent serious and expensive issues. Don’t ignore a problem, as it will only get worse as time passes. More information about broken water mains and when repairs are needed can be found by contacting the staff at Business Name.

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