Sewer Inspections in Indianapolis IN Show Homeowners What’s Going on Underground

bAs the years go by, trees in the yard grow bigger and ever more beautiful. Their root systems also continue to grow, seeking out water and nutrition. Sometimes, unfortunately, those roots detect water and fertilizer coming from old, loose joints in an underground sewer pipe. They invade the pipe and create a tangled mess of roots. Blockages and sewer backups are the results. Sewer inspections in Indianapolis IN can shed light on exactly what’s happening and help homeowners decide how to proceed.

Tree Roots and Sewer Pipe Cracks

Old clay and concrete sewer pipes can also develop tiny cracks that roots move into. The strength of the roots gradually makes those cracks bigger, causing wastewater to leak out into the ground. When a home experiences frequent sewer backups, it’s time to schedule sewer inspections in Indianapolis IN. Part of the pipe may need to be replaced.

Preventing Future Backups

It’s always possible that the line is not cracked and that a loosened joint is the only place roots are getting in. That’s good news, as workers from a company like Roby’s Plumbing & Appliance Service will not have to do excavation and extensive repair. The work they’ve already done in cutting the roots out of the pipe will prevent backups. They can show the customer how to flush root killer herbicide to prevent root ends from growing back inside. The products do not harm the tree.

Annual Inspections and Root Clearing

Some homeowners decide to have annual sewer inspections done as a preventive measure. They’re frustrated about the number of sewer backups that have occurred in the basement over the years and they want to know exactly what’s happening in that underground pipe. The inspection can find cracks when they are still barely noticeable. Repair work might be possible without extensive excavation, which avoids added expense.

An annual root clearing service from the company can be included. That’s advisable when homeowners have been dealing with sewer backups every year or nearly so. Cutting trees down will not solve the problem because roots continue to grow. Check out website domain¬†for details on this particular company.

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