Septic Tank Services Every Property Owner Needs

Wastewater is removed from homes and businesses in one of two ways via a municipal sewer system or a privately owned septic system. Property owners who have a septic system don’t have to pay a monthly sewer bill, but they do need to maintain certain components of the system such as the tank and the drain field. Below are three septic tank services that are required of septic system owners.

Septic Inspection

Once a year, property owners should contact their local septic tank company to schedule a septic inspection. This inspection includes checking the drain field for signs of damage and making any repairs. Keeping the drain field in good condition extends the life of the septic system.

Septic Tank Pumping

Every 3-5 years, property owners want to have their septic tanks pumped to remove the top layer of floating debris. This is called the scum layer and it contains lighter solids that don’t sink to the bottom. Removing the scum layer frees up space in the tank and prevents back ups.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Sometimes septic professionals recommend a full cleaning service. Septic tank cleaning involves pumping the tank and removing all its contents, the scum layer and the sludge layer. Once the contents are removed, septic specialists clean the tank using equipment similar to a power washer and check for cracks or other defects in the tank.

These septic tank services go a long way toward keeping property owners’ septic systems in great shape for many years.

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