Regularly Scheduling A Trained Professional Like Matt Mertz Plumbing Can Prevent Middle Of The Night Calamity

omeowners usually don’t give a second thought to plumbing until there is a problem. Often, plumbing problems are emergencies that happen after hours or on the weekend making repair costs higher. To avoid the frustration of such a calamity, there are a few preventative measures a homeowner can take.

Look for Leaks

A small faucet leak or drip seems harmless enough. Many homeowners dismiss them assuming that minor leaks and drips are just part of home ownership. Unfortunately, most major pipe damage and catastrophic flooding occur where there has been a leak left unattended. Leaks and drips can be hard to detect if cabinets underneath sinks are cluttered. Homeowners should make a point to check regularly for water marks or wetness under sinks, appliances, and outdoor faucets.

Outdoor Pipes

Before the freezing temperatures of winter set in, homeowners should drain all outdoor pipes, faucets, and hoses. Hose bibs and faucet covers can be found at home improvement stores to insulate these outlets that are exposed to the elements. Any exposed pipes can be outfitted an inexpensive insulation of foam tubing or even towels to protect them from heat loss. Homeowners with a sprinkler system will be wise to turn off the water access to the system and let remaining water drain out before temperatures drop to 30 degrees.

Indoor Pipes

Freezing temperatures can affect indoor pipes as well even if a home is regularly heated. Weatherproof any windows, doors, and vents to be sure cold stays out. One common trick to protect indoor pipes is to open cabinet doors to allow heat from the home to keep pipes warm. Homeowners should maintain a heat setting of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit when they are away from home in the winter to prevent damage from freezing.

Most homeowners avoid calling a plumber until there is an urgent and costly emergency. Consider scheduling a plumber once or twice annually for a routine system check. Trained professionals likeĀ  know where to look for potential problems. In the long run, hiring a plumber for non-emergency maintenance will cost less and be significantly more convenient than dealing with a burst pipe and flooding in the middle of the night. Visit Website for more tips to keep your pipes running smoothly, and call Matt Mertz Plumbing to schedule a maintenance visit today.

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