Plumbing Services in Marion, IA Include Sump Pump Inspections

A sump pump is designed to protect a basement area against flooding. To install a pump, a pit, which is referred to as a sump, is excavated at the lowest elevation in a room. Any water that enters that space naturally flows into the sump.

When this happens, the pump is used to dispose of the extra water. The pump, when installed, is located inside the sump or just above it. A pipe is attached to the pump so that the water can be transported outside. The pump is activated when flood water reaches a certain level.

Why Regular Inspections Are Important

Professionals who oversee plumbing services in Marion, IA recommend that homeowners schedule regular inspections of their sump pump. It is important to make sure that the pump is in working order so any damage from flooding can be averted. Water damage not only affects the structure of house, it can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, it is imperative that your sump pump remains operational.

Install a Sump Pump in Areas Prone to Flooding

Any area in a home that is subject to flooding should feature a sump pump. You can find out more about installation by contacting specialists who handle professional plumbing services.

The Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

Indeed, a sump pump is worth the cost of installation as it offers the following specific advantages:

• It prevents flooding from rainwater
• It reduces the growth of mold and mildew
• It safeguards a home against sewage backups
• It keeps the moisture level low in a basement

A Submersible Pump

While all sump pumps can be counted on to remove water, they still are featured in various designs. For example, a submersible sump pump is electrically operated and is designed to work underground. This type of pump runs more quietly than other types of pumps. Click here for more details about the best plumbing services in Marion, IA.

Other Type of Pumps

Other types of pumps include water-powered pumps, pedestal pumps, and floor-sucker pumps. You can learn more about these pumps when you call a professional who offers plumbing services.

To review the benefits of adding a sump pump, visit to further explore the options and to obtain information about installing or servicing a sump pump.

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