Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia Often Occurs in Residential Basements

An average residential basement contains several types of equipment that one day may need Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia. Fortunately, water pipes, sewer pipes and various appliances and other equipment usually function without problem. Nevertheless, homeowners know that they can expect something to go wrong at some point, and they’ll need prompt assistance when that happens. Leaking pipes and hoses, as well as equipment malfunctions, are best resolved quickly to prevent worse problems from developing.

A basement often is the place where various appliances are situated to keep them out of sight. Although first-floor laundry rooms are increasingly common, older homes tend to have washing machines in the basement. Plumbers can figure out what’s going wrong when the machine is leaking and can replace a hose that has deteriorated over the years. They can install faucets and laundry tubs connected with the appliance. Many homeowners like to shut off the water to the machine with a faucet instead of leaving it at full pressure when the appliance is not in use.

Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia also is sometimes necessary for water softeners and whole-house filtration systems. These devices often are installed in basements and people may not think about them very much. They might need to change the filter every few weeks or once a month, and occasionally they’ll put the water softener on standby if they leave town for a week. It’s only when something doesn’t work properly that they have to pay attention to the equipment. A water softener may stop working effectively if an interior screen becomes clogged, for example. Water can accumulate in the brine tank and cause the salt pellets to harden into a clump. Filtration systems may leak and require a plumber to resolve the problem.

Another device commonly situated in basements is the sump pump. During winter, if the installation process was faulty, the exterior hose can become clogged with ice and cause the basement to flood. Plumbers with a company like City Plumbing can adjust the design so homeowners don’t have to do battle with frozen hoses when temperatures are nasty. Contact us to learn more about this particular organization.

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