Plumbers In Portland, OR Keep Drains Clear And Water Running Smooth

What should a homeowner do if their sewer pipe is clogged and water pipes are leaking? Identifying the location of a leak behind a wall or below the floor doesn’t require removing building materials to find the leak. Experienced Plumbers in Portland OR can identify the location of a leak behind a wall. A plumber can also identify the location of a sewer clog and determine the best technique to remove it.

A sewer line can get clogged many feet beyond the initial opening of a drain. Years ago, a tool called a snake was used to reach the clog. This tool has been replaced with a camera and hydro jetting. Snaking is still used for minor clogs, but larger clogs can be easily cleared with hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting Versus Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners offer a homeowner the opportunity to clear tough clogs in sink or bathtub drains. The problem with these drain cleaners is they degrade the cement that holds the PVC pipe together. Extended use of drain cleaners can lead to damaged pipes.

Another consideration homeowners should think about is the carbon footprint drain cleaners leave behind. Foam, liquid, and gel drain cleaners use lye or bleach that travels into the water treatment plant and into nature. Drain cleaners are dangerous chemicals to keep in a home because children or pets can get into these toxic products.

Waterline Replacement

Waterline replacement is necessary when there is restricted water flow, poor water pressure, or dirty water. Restricted water flow can be caused by the build-up of rust in the pipes. Poor water pressure can begin at the entry point of the water in a home due to gunk, slime, and rust.

Waterlines that corrode should be replaced by Plumbers in Portland OR. A customer will have the choice of copper or PEX piping. Copper is a trusted standard and has been used for many years. PEX piping is more affordable and is created by cutting-edge plastic that can withstand wear and tear.

Clog Busters LLC offers full-service plumbing work. They’re available for emergency service and offer state-of-the-art repairs and options to every customer. For more information, please visit us website.

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