Lessons to Learn So the Need for Sewer Pipe Cleaning in Lansing MI Can Be Prevented

It’s nearly impossible for sewer line cleaning to be a do-it-yourself project for a homeowner. Plumbers who do Sewer Pipe Cleaning in Lansing MI have specialized equipment, such as rotary snakes, that can safely break up or draw out the materials causing a backup. They also have cutting tools that can eliminate tree roots that have grown into small cracks in the sewer pipe. The tangle of roots and various materials that people flush down the toilet can eventually create a clog that won’t budge without professional help. Tampons, baby wipes, and dental floss cause problems. Cooking grease that is poured down the kitchen drain and loose hair from the shower add to the mess.

The materials that a plumber finds during Sewer Pipe Cleaning in Lansing MI will show the homeowner which behaviors in the household must be modified. Most importantly, strainers should be installed over all sink drains and nobody should flush any materials down the toilet except human waste and toilet paper. Cooking grease should be dispensed of in the garbage. A relatively large amount can be poured into a throwaway container, and a smaller amount can simply be wiped away with a paper towel. In the bathroom, providing a wastebasket with some small paper bags is helpful.

The people who have to pay a company such as Minuteman Sewer & Drain Cleaning will probably be vigilant about what they flush and put into the drain after the backup is resolved. They’ll need to convince the kids in the house as well as any guests to abide by the rules. Children may not understand the problem with flushing dental floss or hair from the shower strainer until they hear about how these objects can catch onto tree roots and cause disturbing plumbing emergencies. This might even be a good opportunity for a botany lesson since parents can teach the kids about how tree roots are drawn to the natural fertilizer and water in the sewer pipe. The development of tiny cracks is typical with concrete and clay pipes, and that normally doesn’t cause trouble unless tree roots are in the vicinity.

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