How Mother Nature Can Lead to the Need for Drain Service in Georgia

If you’ve ever had a clogged drain, you know just how frustrating it can be. Often, a clogged drain is caused by what you put down the drain, whether it’s grease in the kitchen or hair in the bathroom. In some cases, though, the need for drain service in Atlanta, Georgia, comes from circumstances entirely outside your control, as Mother Nature takes her toll on your outdoor drains. Here are a few ways that Mother Nature can cause issues with your drains.


Plant roots of all kinds can cause issues with drainpipes. Tree roots, however, are definitely the most destructive. Given their essential role in a tree’s survival, roots tend to be quite pushy when it comes to finding proper nutrients and water for the tree they’re attached to. If one of your drainpipes happens to be in the way of this progress, the roots will likely put extreme pressure on the pipe until the root eventually breaks through. This can lead to clogs as the pipe is obstructed and can lead to sewage backup in your yard, both major causes for drain services.

Changing Weather

Though your drainpipes are somewhat insulated from changing temperatures since they’re buried underground, changing weather conditions can still have an effect on your drainpipes, over time. Even with the less extreme winters in the area, temperature variances can cause the material in the pipes to become brittle, ultimately resulting in broken pipes. Depending on the location of the break, you may need emergency drain service in Atlanta, Georgia, to ensure you’re able to continue to flush away dirty water.


Many animals you find in the suburbs spend at least part of their time underground. While this is good for the animals for protection and food, it’s bad for your drainpipes. If an animal stumbles upon a pipe while they’re building their home, they may be able to chew right through it, resulting in leaks that require repair. In some cases, the problem may not be leaks but obstructions in the pipe itself. Insects and other small animals may find a way into your drainpipes. Once they’re in, they’ll either drown and cause an obstruction or attempt to set up shop, also resulting in an obstruction. In any event, you’ll need drain service in Atlanta, Georgia, to get you back up and running. For professional drain repair you can trust, contact the experts of us.

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