Helpful Tips to Choose a Water Softening System in Allentown

by | Dec 19, 2015 | Plumbing

When selecting a Water Softening System in Allentown, the first thing that a homeowner should do is to test the water to determine the level of iron present in the water. These kits are available for an affordable price and will help to guide anyone on the purchase of their water softener. Once the hardness level is known, other important factors can be considered.

Size of the Water Softener

Selecting the right Water Softening System in Allentown is important to ensure that the water if purified properly. In order to understand the size needed, it is a good idea to know how the device works. Water softeners trade the hard minerals present in water for soft ones. The trade that is usually made is calcium, which is the hard mineral, enters in the device and is traded for sodium, which is a softer mineral. Inside the device, there are a number of chemical magnets, referred to as the ion exchange resin. These magnets orchestrate the trading of the minerals. The more magnets that are present in the softener, the higher the capacity will be. The capacity is the total number of gallons that a water softener will purify prior to having to recharge it.

The capacity of the water softener is measured in grain removal or grains. This measurement allows someone to calculate a good size for a family.

Types of Water Softeners

There are some basic types of water softeners to choose from, which include:

* Time regenerated: These regenerate by a time clock.

* Meter regenerated: These regenerate by tracking the amount of water used.

* Manually regenerated: These don’t have any type of meter or timer present.

There are a number of benefits offered by water softeners but finding the right type and size is crucial. For more information or for homeowners who have questions about the options that are available, contact  Plumbing. By doing this it will ensure that the right system is purchased and that the home receives soft water, rather than hard, which offers a number of benefits for the home. Take time to find the right softener to see these benefits.

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