Helpful Suggestions to Unblock Clogged Kitchen Plumbing in Mason OH

For kitchen Plumbing in Mason, OH to work correctly, it’s essential for substances in the drain pipes to exit the system. Unfortunately, certain materials such as hair, grease, food, soap, and skin flakes an accumulate over time and form a clog. This can present a health hazard as well as a result in a costly plumbing repair bill. To correct this hindrance and restore proper water flow, try the following suggestions for a clogged kitchen drain.

Use Bleach in a Clogged Drain

When a kitchen plumbing is clogged, try pouring in a mixture of water and bleach. Mix one cup of water with one gallon of water. Slowly pour this mixture into the sink. Allow it to sit for about 30 minutes to an hour. Run a steady stream of water to check on proper water flow. Repeat this process once or twice to get rid of unwanted substances in the pipes. It’s also helpful to pour a gallon of boiling water when this type of attempt is unsuccessful. The hot water can loosen a blockage to dissolve it.

Utilize a Plunger

When bleach does not clear kitchen pipes of a blockage, utilize a plunger. First, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the underside of the plunger lips. Press the plunger against the sink near the top. Slide the plunger down the side and over the entrance to the drain pipe. This helps form a seal over the drain pipe. Place both hands on the plunger stick and rapidly move it up and down about ten times. These strikes build up the pressure in the drain pipe. Briskly lift the plunger from the drain pipe entrance. Run water to ensure that the clog is removed. It may be necessary to attempt this a few times before a clog is removed.

After trying these two tips unsuccessfully, try using a plumber’s snake when one it available. It’s a good idea to call a plumber when an individual does not know how to work this type of auger. For information on services for any, talk to a specialist at AA Plumbing. The plumbing experts at this company can handle residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, drain cleaning, kitchen remodeling, and trenchless drain relining.

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