Have Experienced Plumbers in Mclean Eliminate Those Leaks and Clogs

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Plumber

Fixing a leak in the plumbing may seem like a simple job, but it can be a lot more involved than most people realize. For instance, there are several kinds of PVC piping available, and they do not always mix well. Other possible issues are matching any hoses between fixtures and valves or soldering those copper pipe fittings together. These are all great reasons to consider hiring plumbers in Mclean, but one of the most important is that professionals stand behind the work they do. This can be useful for protecting the home from damage because a faulty repair could end up worse than the original problem.

Another reason to contact the experts is a blockage in the sewer lines. Sewer pipes are low-pressure systems, and this means that the waste inside the pipe moves slowly. Slow movement causes the gunk in the line to snag on fittings or clump together. Once a blockage begins to build, it slows the flow even more. Plumbers in Mclean handle this problem using several tools. The first will usually be a video snake to determine the severity of the blockage. A video snake uses a long, flexible cable to carry a camera deep into the main sewer line. It can also be used to check for breaks in the pipe and the invasion of roots.

Once the problem has been located, the plumber will determine the best method of repair. A clog can usually be forced out of the system with a pipe snake or rooter tool. However, some blockages are extremely difficult to remove and may require water jetting. Water jetting or hydro jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water to scour away sewage waste. Breaks in the line and root issues are more difficult to fix. In some cases, the broken pipes can be salvaged using the trenchless repair method. This is a sleeve inserted into the sewer line to prevent sewage from leaking out. Removing root clogs can be a lot harder. This task may require replacing part or all of the pipe. Eliminating the source of the roots may also be necessary, so the problem does not return. Learn more about plumbing solutions at website domain.

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