Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Drain Cleaning In Manchester NH

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Plumbing

logged sewer pipes can cause many problems in the home including toilet malfunctions, sink draining issues and sewage backup. To make sure that these problems don’t become an issue, homeowners should contact a company that specializes in Sewer Drain Cleaning in Manchester NH. To learn the signs of a clogged sewer drain and how a plumber locates and clears a clog, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) How does a professional plumber locate a drain clog in the sewer system?

A.) If necessary, a plumber may run a video camera through the sewer pipes to locate the clog. As the camera is fed through the sewer pipes, the plumber watches the video on a monitor. The video camera detects the exact location and severity of the sewer clog. This method is less time consuming and less expensive than digging up the sewer line to find the clog. To release a clog in the sewer line, a professional plumber will place a cutting tool, called a sewer auger, into the sewer pipes. This sharp tool cuts through tree roots and other obstructions that are clogging the sewer drain.

Q.) When should homeowners contact a plumber if they suspect a clogged sewer drain?

A.) It’s always important to act as quickly as possible when a homeowner suspects a sewer clog. A clog that stays inside the sewer pipes will only get worse with time, and it can lead to costly damage to the sewer pipes. One of the first signs of a sewer clog is the failure of sinks and bathtubs to properly drain. A clog keeps the water from moving down the pipes and instead it backs up into the household drains. Toilets that don’t flush completely is another sign that a homeowner should contact a professional company that specializes in Sewer Drain Cleaning in Manchester NH.

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