Frequently Asked Questions About Hydro Jet Plumbing In Texas City TX

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Plumbing

Some drain clogs are simple to remove and, many times, a homeowner can quickly fix the problem with a plunger. Other times, the clog may be tough, and a homeowner will have to contact a professional who specializes in hydro jet plumbing in Texas City TX. Read the frequently asked questions below to familiarize yourself with hydro jetting services for unclogging drain and sewer lines.

Q.) What exactly is hydro jetting and how does it work to clear a drain?

A.) Hydro jetting is the use of water under intense pressure to clear plumbing lines. A plumber places a hose that’s connected to a tank of water into the opening of the sewer line. When the hose is turned on, water shoots out of the hose with extreme force. This pressurized water forces tree roots, debris, and other obstructions out of the way and clears the line as it flows through the sewer pipes.

Q.) Is it possible for hydro jetting to damage the water pipes as it flows through to clear the drains?

A.) Since newer water lines are made out of plastic, the high-pressure water won’t damage them as it clears the obstructions from the pipes. Plumbers who are experienced with using a hydro jet system are very knowledgeable and they use caution when using a hydro jet so that it doesn’t cause damage to any kind of sewer pipes.

Q.) What are some of the benefits of using a hydro jet system for drain cleaning?

A.) Using a hydro jet system is the most effective way to clear stubborn clogs from plumbing lines. Tree roots can be very difficult to clear out of sewer lines, but they can be easily removed with hydro jetting. After a professional who specializes in Hydro Jet Plumbing in Texas City TX, uses this powerful system, the sewer pipes will be completely clear.

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