Four Signs You Need Sewer Line Service

The most obvious sign you have a sewer line issue is overflowing sewage in your home or yard. Hopefully, you will never have that happen. Luckily, your sewer line will give you warnings before it breaks. Let’s look at four signs that you need the professional sewer service Atlanta Georgia homeowners to rely.

1 Frequent Unexplained Clogs

An occasional clog will happen in many homes. If you are getting clogs on a routine basis and you can’t find the cause, you may have a major problem lurking in the depths of your sewer line. You need a professional to find it and clear it away.

2 The Whiff of Raw Sewage

Raw sewage tends to smell like rotten eggs. If you are catching the smell when you are close to a drain, there’s a problem somewhere. When drains are flowing freely, they clear out the gases that come from rotting sewage. When there is a clog, those smells tend to waft up the pipes and out the drains.

3 Water Backs Up When You Flush

You flush the toilet and water backs up into the sink or toilet. That’s a sign there is a clog somewhere deep in the home’s drain pipes. Finding such a clog can be difficult for a homeowner. It requires a professional to find it and remove it.

4 Slow Draining in Multiple Places

When a sink gets clogged with hair, it will cause the water to drain slowly in that one fixture. However, it won’t affect the way the shower, tub, or toilet drains. If you have multiple fixtures draining slowly, you likely have a clog in the main sewer line.

If you see any of these signs, you need to contact RooterPlus immediately. We are the sewer service Atlanta Georgia property owners trust for fixing problems.

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