Cracked Sewer Lines in Bellingham, WA Can Be Fixed with Relining Systems

If you have a cracked sewer pipe, you don’t have to worry about digging up your yard. You can have the repair done today without replacing the existing pipe. In fact, relining the pipe is normally a better option. For example, if a sewer line is located beneath a tare or near a sidewalk, a total excavation can lead to a great deal of damage.

Relining Cracked Sewer Pipes

To offset this type of damage, professionals in the plumbing trade choose pipe relining for repairing sewer lines in Bellingham, WA. In fact, plumbers can use one of several pipe relining systems to ensure a successful repair. That way, the yard does not have to be dug up and the crack in the pipe is fixed without the need for replacement.

Cured-in-Place Services

One way to reline sewer lines is to use cured-in-place piping. This technique supports the repair of trenchless relining systems. A professional sewer and drain repair company can reline a sewer pipe without resorting to an excavation. The plumbing specialist cleans and dries the pipe’s interior before adding a liner. The liner is then cured in place using hot steam. The steam molds the lining into the fissures in the pipe.

Pulling the Lining Through to the Site

If sewer lines display large cracks, a plumbing specialist will use a pull-in-place method of relining. The material in this application is set into the pipe using a form of heat. The epoxy-made liner is then pulled into the site that requires repair. To follow this practice, two access points must be created — one that will feed the liner to the location and one where it can be pulled through. During the process, air is applied to open up the sleeve and prop it against the inside of the pipe until it finally dries.

Who to Contact for Further Details

As you can see, you need to talk to an expert in the plumbing field to take advantage of the latest plumbing technologies. Contact a company such as Bode’s Electric for further advice along these lines. The more you know about these kinds of advancements, the easier it will be to stay on top of any future plumbing repairs.

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