Consider Ancient Babylon and Feel Grateful for a Modern-Day Plumber in Ferndale WA

A Plumber in Ferndale WA knows that most customers don’t give any thought to how fortunate modern society is to have common residential features such as running water, showers, interior toilets and automatic washing machines. People often think of ancient civilizations as somewhat primitive, but they must realize that the glimmerings of modern civilization began as early as 6000 B.C. The city of Babylon, originating around 2900 B.C., is mentioned in the Old Testament, and archaeologists have learned a great deal about this place that included wealth and splendor as well as a lower-class population living in huts constructed of mud and brick. The wealthiest people enjoyed having bathrooms in the home, a luxury that was even uncommon in much of the United States until many years after settlement.

Some of these earliest bathrooms were actually connected to a rudimentary sewer system, although there was no municipal water treatment plant. Other toilets emptied into a private cesspool, which might be considered a rudimentary form of today’s septic tanks. Running water in a plumbing system as people know it today was still unheard of, however. In contrast, a plumber in Ferndale WA is accustomed to being called on to install pipes to bring water from municipal supplies and from private wells into the home. Residents of ancient Babylon need to carry water in vessels from outside sources and could store water in their homes to use as needed. Many people today still store some bottled water in case of an emergency, but they certainly don’t want to rely on this method all the time.

By 312 B.C., the Romans had constructed aqueducts to bring fresh water to city residents. This achievement cannot be downplayed, but nevertheless, modern plumbing designers and inventors have accomplished substantial improvements to the earliest systems. Most people take these improvements for granted. They don’t think twice about flushing a toilet, turning a tap to get water, and lounging in a bathtub to which they can add more hot water at any time. Whenever they want a new plumbing feature or to get an existing one repaired, they contact a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal Inc., which offers a broad range of services to homeowners. Visit the website to find out more about this particular organization.

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