Calling a Plumbing Service in San Diego Because Somebody Flushed Something Not Truly Flushable

It’s happened again. The sewer backed up and there’s water from the washing machine all over the floor. Who’s responsible this time? No matter how often you tell everyone to stop flushing tampons, paper towels and hair from the shower strainer, a plumber always finds evidence that someone has disobeyed the rules. Once again, you have to call a Plumbing Service in San Diego to clear out tree roots from the sewer pipe, along with whatever was flushed down the toilet that should not have been. It can be tough to convince everyone in the family that what seems convenient to them turns out to cause a big inconvenience later on.

Dental floss, sanitary wipes and other things that don’t biodegrade well, if at all, easily catch onto roots that have sought out water and nutrients in the sewer pipe. Tiny cracks in the clay and concrete pipes create a natural attraction for those tendrils, which grow right into the pipes and snarl up the system. Eventually, a big enough clog develops that several gallons of water sent down the pipe all at once come right back up into the basement or the house. At least this time it was the washing machine that was running when the backup occurred, meaning the water on the floor is clean. It’s a more unpleasant situation when the backup occurs after someone flushes the toilet.

A Plumbing Service in San Diego uses specialized equipment to cut away the invading plant structures and remove all the materials that have caught onto them. That’s the moment when you’ll see what the offending object or objects were this time. Will it be tampons that a lady in the house doesn’t feel like wrapping up and placing in the wastebasket? Will it be cotton swabs that a male family member uses to remove ear wax? It might be a jumble of things all stuck together. Maybe it will help to let everyone know that next time, the most likely culprits in the family will be held responsible for paying a company such as Workright Plumbing to make an emergency call and get the sewer system working properly again.

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