Buying a House With Only a Bathtub Leads to Shower Installation of One Form or Another

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Plumbing

Some older homes only have a bathtub and no shower, which may seem mind-boggling to younger generations. Even houses built as late as the 1960s sometimes didn’t include a shower. Young and middle-aged adults having new houses constructed during this time may actually have spent some of their childhood growing up in a home with no indoor bathroom, especially if they lived in a rural area. A bathtub became seen as necessary, but a shower was not. Today, someone buying a house without this feature is likely to put Shower Installation high on the priority list.

It’s true that people can rig up a shower in a bathtub with a hand-held hose that hooks to the faucet. A pole or other device can be set up to hold the hose and keep the shower head where it would normally be placed. Wall protection typically is needed, such as a wraparound shower curtain. That’s because showers need special waterproof enclosures of one form or another, and a bathroom with only a bathtub isn’t likely to include that material.

All of this can eventually feel like a hassle and lead the homeowner to schedule Shower Installation and any related necessary remodeling for the bathroom. Depending on the extent of the remodeling the homeowner is willing to pay for, the plumber might remove the entire existing bathing area and install a bathtub and shower combination. If this isn’t feasible, a more permanent shower apparatus can be constructed in the bathtub.

Another possibility might be having a bathroom built in the basement by a company such as Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting. The bathroom can be quite appealing even in an unfinished basement. It could include a standalone shower, a toilet and a sink and cabinet. The contractor can install a baseboard heater if that would help keep the room more comfortable.

The people who originally had the house built might find all this renovation to be extravagant and unnecessary. In the 21st Century, however, the shower is a very popular feature in homes, and most people don’t want to live in a residence without one. They see showers as quicker and more convenient than baths, and showers also tend to use less water. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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