5 Strange Things Plumber Loudon County Have Found While Working On Drains

Every homeowner knows not to pour grease down the drains and to clear hair out of the drains. However, no parent can predict which of the baby’s toys will end up being flushed. However, homeowners calling for a plumber Loudoun County will be surprised at some of the things he’s found in drains.


Many people take off their rings, watches, and bracelets before washing their hands. These pieces sometimes get knocked off the wash stand, ending up down the sink or in the toilet. Wedding bands and class rings are the usual suspects, but they clog drains.


Plumbers have found everything from the baby’s pacifier to her smallest stuffed animal, and from plastic action figures to good-sized plastic animals like dinosaurs. Little ones like to see the bubbles arise as their treasured toys go down the drain. The mass, however, clogs the drains.

It’s a little unusual to find partial plates or full sets of dentures in drains, but they do get knocked over sometimes. It’s not often plumber Loudoun County professionals dig out dentures, but if the wearer is sick into the toilet, that could be a reasonable explanation.


It’s not hard for small animals and sometimes reptiles to find their way into a home. Once there, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to find they need water. Where else would they go but into the toilet? Plumbers have found baby alligators, iguanas, squirrels, and even a kitten in pipe systems.

Cell Phones

We’re not talking small flip phones. We’re talking smart phones. Lots of people drop their phones from their back pockets into the toilet. Commercial toilets flush harder than those at home, so the phone is gone. Plumbers have the best collections of phones. If you wonder what’s clogging your drains, call Freedom Plumbers to find out.

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