4 Easy Ways to Check the Plumbing During a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Though professional home inspection services in Perry, Iowa, will help you determine if there are problems with the plumbing, there are a few simple things to look for that may help you bargain for repairs or replacements when negotiating a home’s price. Because they hide most plumbing under floors and behind walls, focus on these items during an inspection.

Flushing the Toilets

It’s simple to do, but it will tell you much about the condition of a home’s plumbing. By flushing each toilet, you’ll see if there are any clogs or slow drains. In most cases, these problems are because of blockages down the line or pipes that are too small.

Looking for Lead Pipes

The outside service line is a common place to find lead piping. Look for underground pipes that are a dark gray color and scrape them with a screwdriver. If the metal is shiny, silvery, and soft, it’s lead. Brownish pipes are made of copper, which is safe to use.

Checking Shower Water Pressure

Turn on one shower and put your hand in the stream of water to assess its power. Insufficient pressure may be because of too-small pipes, but sometimes, it’s because of a pressure reducer in the shower head itself. Regardless, if you’re not getting enough water pressure, there could be an issue somewhere in the plumbing system.

Looking for Water Heater Corrosion

If there’s corrosion around the water heater’s bottom, it’s a sign of rust and a warning that the unit could start leaking at any moment. During home inspection services in Perry, Iowa, a plumber will tell you when the unit was last serviced. If the water heater is ancient, it should be replaced.

Though buying a new house is exciting, it’s not something you should just jump into. Before signing a purchase contract, be sure to take advantage of home inspection services in Perry, Iowa.

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