Water Pump Solutions Maximize Water Use

If you have a water distribution system, you need the right pump in order to transport water and save money at the same time. Pumps are required in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. For example, if your business or home features a basement, a sump pump is essential.

Do You Need a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is one of the water pump solutions that can save your basement and home’s foundation in case a pipe bursts or you experience a flood. You can choose sump pumps in automatic and manual designs. A pump can either be switched on manually or programmed to switch on as required.

Solar Water Pumps

You can also find water pump solutions in the form of solar-powered water pumps. These pumps use the energy from the sun and are made to withstand inclement weather. Usually, solar water pumps are used when water is transported from a dam to a storage tank. Even though the pump is solar-powered, it can still be used at night.

Reticulation Pumps

If you have a garden, you may be interested in water pump solutions in the form of reticulation pumps. You can experience significant savings whether you use this type of pump in commercial or residential applications. Not only are these pumps environmentally friendly but they provide the user with only the exact water that is required. Therefore, you can experience substantial savings when this pump is used.

Borehole Submersible Pumps

Borehole submersible pumps are yet another type of water pump. The pumps circulate water that comes from underground to a borehole. After it reaches the borehole, the water is transported to a tank with the use of a sump pump.

Who to Contact

To find the right water pump for your business or residential needs, you need to contact a company such as Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. Give the business a call today to see what type of pump will improve your water efficiency and assist you in keeping your water costs low. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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