Septic Tank Pumping in Tunkhannock, PA Prevents System Failure

Regular cleaning and pumping of your septic tank will reduce the chance of system failure. However, sometimes the event cannot be avoided. You need to call out a plumber or septic system technician if you notice the following signs in your yard.

Puddling in the Backyard

When you see puddles forming over the septic drain field in your yard, then that is a big clue that your septic system is not fully operational.

Indicators of Septic System Failure inside the Home

Backups are not always easy to diagnose. However, signs that septic tank pumping in Tunkhannock, PA is needed include the following:

* Slowly draining sinks
* Gurgling sounds inside the pipes
* Plumbing backups
* The smell of sewage inside the house

Well Water Test Results: Another Clue That There Is a Problem

If you have a test performed that shows the presence of bacteria in the well water, then it may be time to schedule septic tank pumping at your residence.

One of the Ways a System Failure Can Occur

Technicians and plumbers who work at companies such as Draintech Inc. add that soil failure is a major contributor to septic system failure. For example, a tar-like bio mat may form near the surface and inner wall of a drain field. The mat, which is comprised of organic material, is the home of billions of microbes. When the mat becomes too dense, it prevents the absorption of wastewater in the soil.

What Happens If Regular Pumping Is Not Scheduled?

When soil absorption stops, the soil will flood and a backup normally follows. Septic tank pumping is required to remediate the issue. If the tank is not pumped on a routine basis, then solids will build up and overflow into the drain field system. When this condition occurs, plumbers often must use hydro-jetting to clear the piping first before pumping out the septic tank.

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